How To Save Money With Printables

How to Save Money with Printables: Tips and Best Practices

Printable stationery is booming. Everything from invitations to meal planners can now be found as professionally-designed templates ready to download instantly...and at a budget price!

But do you really save money with the diy route?

As a creative in the business, please allow me to share my Top 4 Money-Saving Tips for Printables. So whether you're looking for wedding signs, baby shower invitations or printable art to decorate your home, I hope these tips ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.

First things first: What is a printable?

Simply put, a printable is a digital template for paper goods that you print on your own. Let's consider its advantages.

4 Advantages of Printable Stationery

My Top 4 Money-Saving Tips For Printables:

Pro Tip #1: Proof before printing

This absolutely cannot be overstated! It is crucial to carefully proof your designs for any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes, which can easily be overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding/shower/holiday party (even by professionals...sorry, we're not perfect either!).

Ask a few trusted friends or family members to lend a fresh eye with you while checking all the details. In this way you will hopefully avoid the unnecessary costs of reprinting.

Pro Tip #2: Choose the right format

If you already purchased pre-cut or perforated card stock, make sure the printable you purchase is set up accordingly. If you purchase a template with editing capabilities (i.e. you can change the text yourself), be sure it's compatible with a program you have readily available, and preferably are comfortable using.

There's no sense spending money on a template designed for Microsoft Word when you're a Mac user or investing in a paid subscription just to use the template. No thanks!

Wedding Welcome Letter - Editing

My editable templates are designed to work in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a free program available for both Mac and PC users.

Pro Tip #3: Printing at home may not be your best option

Surprised? It seems logical that by cutting out the middle man and printing yourself, you're bound to save money, right? Not always.

Printing at home is ideal if you have the materials available and particularly for printing smaller quantities of designs that are not ink heavy (ink is expensive!). But if you need to invest in a color printer upfront in order to print off 200 invitations, all with a dark navy background, you're probably better off taking your files to a local print shop like Staples or FedEx Office, who can do the printing and trimming for you at a reasonable price.

Pro Tips for Printing at Home

Pro Tip #4: Experiment, but test print first

One of the beauties of diy stationery is the ability to experiment with different types of paper to create unique looks. But with flexibility comes responsibility.

How disappointing to print 150 wedding programs only to realize you don't really like it on that cream pearlescent paper you chose. Save yourself the heartache (and costs of reprinting) by doing a test print of one card before running the whole batch. 

Of course, this is easy when printing at home, but you can also request test prints from your local printing companies (often for a small fee). Remember, an on-screen proof will not be a perfect match to the color and density of a printed card. So when in doubt, test print it first.

 Bridal Shower Invitation Template

The image above simulates printing this bridal shower invitation on both light brown and pink card stock. Designs like this with dark design elements (especially black) can be printed over colored card stock to better match the style of your event.

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