My Natural Recipes and Remedies Journal

For all the natural remedy lovers out there!

In 2009, when I began zealously researching the power of nutrition, I would jot all that I was learning down in a simple notebook and bookmark my favorite health blogs for later reference. Anyone else doing that too? Then like me, you are probably looking for a more structured solution for the long-term.

With this purpose in mind, I have lovingly created the My Natural Recipes and Remedies JournalThis guided, blank journal gives you a place to write down all your favorite tips as you learn and grow in your knowledge over time. Use it to record both newly acquired and treasured family recipes alike.

For the Nutrition Enthusiast

The first section of this journal contains a series of short lists to jot down your favorite foods and supplements that help boost the immune system, improve brain function, reduce stress and others. It also includes space for your favorite superfoods and their benefits, healthy alternatives, herbs and spices, and essential oil uses.Nutrition Quicklists: Immune Boosters

Natural Remedies: A Holistic Approach to Health

Record up to 50 natural remedies with an emphasize on the wellbeing of the whole person, from nutrition and diet to lifestyle and spiritual encouragement. Extra space to reference your recipes throughout the book makes it easy for you to find your favorites as they pertain to specific ailments and remedies.

Nourishing Recipes Spread

Nourishing Recipes

A two-page spread for each recipe gives you adequate space to record all the necessary notes, ingredients, directions and references of your favorite healthy recipes. There is even extra space to add in a photo if you wish! Log up to 50 recipes with easy cross-referencing to pertinent remedies.

It is my hope that this illustrated journal will serve as both a reference tool in self-study as well as a keepsake for your family. May it be a blessing to you on your journey toward better health through natural means.

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